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"To infinity, and beyond!" - Buzz Lightyear

Tree testing is a narrow, focused method; it only tests the grouping of headings in your site, and their labelling.

But there is more to Information Architecture than grouping and labelling. We must also consider navigation, search, visual design, and the content itself.

In this chapter, we briefly discuss how we can test these remaining IA elements.

Testing navigation

Menu testing and first-click testing

Testing search

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Testing visual design

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Testing content

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Testing overall usability

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 Key points

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  1. Anonymous

    Need to also mention different options for site organization, structure, labels, taxonomies, front doors, design principles, usability inspection methods (done before UX testing) etc. Then there are microinteractions, interaction design, user stories, empathic design... this tree testing wiki is a good entry point into the wide and wooly, multifaceted world of "UX".
    A good place to start from here would be to read the books, Information Architecture 4th Ed. and Ready, Set, Test! Usabiity Testing Essentials. As well as books like "It's our research" by Tomer Sharon.

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