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We need to translate our detailed analysis into findings that colleagues can easily understand (or that we ourselves can understand if we come back later).

To get the big picture, we should do a pass to create findings before we move on to solutions.

Findings should be specific, and emerge from the data, not our personal opinions.

For single-tree tests, marking up the hardcopy may be the easiest way to record our findings.

For multi-tree tests, creating a tree/task matrix of findings will help us see patterns more easily.

Some findings may contradict each other. Because of this, it’s best to mark our solutions as tentative until we’ve gone at least once through all the findings.

In most cases, the quickest and easiest way to report our findings is a brief email summary, which is more likely to be read (or at least skimmed) than a long-form report attachment.

Need to produce more formal deliverables? Download and customize our PowerPoint or Word templates.

If we receive feedback from participants that is outside the scope of your study, we should clean it up and pass it along to other parts of the organization.


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