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Normally we test the entire tree, but if it’s too big to feasibly test, we can either prune levels, prune unnecessary branches, or test specific subtrees instead.

We need to decide which headings to exclude – non-global links, overview headings, search, “contact us”, and so on.

Be careful not to miss content that doesn’t have its own page (usually because it’s “hidden” on a landing page).

We must decide how we’re going to handle duplicated content and shortcuts, as well as double-level headings.

If our page titles are different from their corresponding link names, we should use the link names in our tree.

We should name our tree's root (e.g. Home) so that it doesn’t get confused with our top-level headings.

When importing our structure into a tree-testing tool, watch for problematic characters that may alter the topic levels or the text itself.

In most cases, we should not use the tool’s “randomize subtopics” feature (if it offers one).


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