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We should name our tests systematically so we can make sense of them later, and choose URLs that don’t give away anything important.

We need to decide how we want to close the study. We usually close the test manually depending on how well (or badly) the recruitment is going.
At the end of a test, we can link back to a commercial panel, to another study, or to a survey to recruit for our next piece of research.

Tell users up front how long the study will take, and make sure the instructions make it clear how a tree test works.

If we’re running a prize draw, we’ll need to state the terms and conditions of the draw. Tweak the organization’s template or customize our sample.

Adding a small number of survey questions to the test can help us analyze the results later and provide willing participants for subsequent studies.

We should provide a support contact, and let our organization's support channels know that you’re running a study.


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