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Some tools let us specify the web address (URL) that participants will see when they do the test. This address is often auto-generated from the name we give to the test.

For example, for the “Acme topic – final” test shown in Naming the test earlier in this chapter, the test address might be something like this:



There are two reasons why we might want to change this default address:

  • Giving away the grouping method
    An observant user may notice the address and see that the tree is based on topics (rather than, say, audience):


    This is a minor giveaway, but we still recommend changing the address to something less descriptive, such as:



  • Giving away the client’s identity
    If we’re doing a blind test (where the participants are not supposed to know who the site owner is, for whatever reason), a quick glance at the web address can blow our cover:


    We can keep the test blind by using a generic address like this:



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