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"What is tree testing?"

"How does it improve my website?"

 "How do I run a good tree test?"

Tree Testing for Websites is a community guide to the "tree test" method - a quick, quantitative way to make things easier to find on your website.

  • If you're just getting started, this guide offers step-by-step instructions for running a good tree test and analyzing the results.
  • If you have previously run tree tests, you'll find tips on how to run more advanced (and more effective) tests, and solutions to the most common mistakes that people make.
  • If you have additional tree-testing wisdom to share, become a contributor to this guide!

(Best viewed on desktop, because navigation on mobile is broken for Confluence wikis.)

 1 - Getting our users unlost

2 - Tree testing - a quick intro

3 - IA in the design process

4 - Planning a tree test

5 - Creating trees

6 - Preparing a tree for testing

7 - Writing tasks

8 - Setting up a test

9 - Recruiting participants

10 - Piloting the test

11 - Running the test

12 - Analyzing results

13 - Communicating results

14 - Revising and retesting

15 - Special considerations

16 - Beyond tree testing

List of all templates

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  1. Anonymous

    This is AWESOME! I've been trying to learn about Tree Tests and haven't found a guide or article that answered the questions I had. Thank you so much for creating this!! Great stuff!

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    1. You're very welcome! There are a few articles out there, but most are introductory and not too useful after you run your first tree test.

      If you have questions not answered here, please do ask so we can keep this site updated with useful advice.