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If our test takes more than a few days, it’s a good idea to provide periodic updates to our project team and other interested parties.

Typically we do this by emailing a brief summary to them that shows how our responses are tracking, early success rates (if we have enough participants to judge by), and any actions we need to take (e.g. trying harder to recruit a particular user group with low numbers so far).

Here’s an example of an email interim update:


Hi all, here's a quick update on the tree tests that we're currently running:

Tree 1 (organized by audience)

Existing customers42 
Non-customers7Low response rate!
Success rate55%A few low-scoring tasks bringing down the rest


Tree 2 (organized by activity)


Existing customers36 
Success rate72%Good overall performance so far



  • We urgently need more non-customers for Tree 1.
    Susan and I will work on this today, but more ideas are always welcome.



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