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We aim for at least 50 participants per user group. 100 is ideal. We’ll need more if each participant is only shown a subset of the tasks.
If we use web ads to get participants, we choose web pages (and even other websites) that target the kinds of users we’re looking for.
Web ads should be designed to attract attention and present an at-a-glance proposition, and should link to a page that briefly explains the study and provides an obvious way to start.
If we email invitations, we should qualify the recipients as well as we can, and send our invitations in batches to conserve the participant pool.
If we use social media, we should consider which channels are appropriate, and keep our invitation short and punchy.
If we use commercial research panels, we choose those that adequately cover our region and the types of users we’re looking for.
To boost numbers and reduce selection bias, we use a variety of methods to recruit our participants.
We make sure we’re getting the participants we want by filtering our customer lists and/or screening those who see the invitation.
Recipients are more likely to participate if they receive a clear invitation from a sender they know.
For most studies, offer an incentive. Prize draws are usually easiest.


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