• "What is tree testing?"

  • "How does it improve my website?"

  • "How do I run a good tree test?"

Tree Testing for Websites is a community guide to the "tree test" method - a quick, quantitative way to make things easier to find on your website.

  • If you're just getting started, this guide offers step-by-step instructions for running a good tree test and analyzing the results.
  • If you have previously run tree tests, you'll find tips on how to run more advanced (and more effective) tests, and solutions to the most common mistakes that people make.
  • If you have additional tree-testing wisdom to share, become a contributor to this guide!

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 1 - Getting our users unlost

2 - Tree testing - a quick intro

3 - IA in the design process

4 - Planning a tree test

5 - Creating trees

6 - Preparing a tree for testing

7 - Writing tasks

8 - Setting up a test

9 - Recruiting participants

10 - Piloting the test

11 - Running the test

12 - Analyzing results

13 - Communicating results

14 - Revising and retesting

15 - Special considerations

16 - Beyond tree testing

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